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Happn launches its new range of voice features

Happn launches its new range of voice features

happn, one of the leading dating apps, announced it was developing a range of voice features in June. The idea is to give singles a new and increasingly immersive and sensory online dating experience. The new happn voice features will be gradually launched on the app starting today, first in France and Argentina, followed by the rest of the world.

The voice: the start of a Crush

In the age of online dating, voice-noting and tiktok-miming, who we are speaking to and what they sound like is of more interest than ever before. In fact, a new survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by leading dating app happn, reveals that 8 in 10 people across the UK agree that being attracted to the sound of their partner’s voice is important. What’s more, over half (53%) alter their own voice in some way when speaking with someone they find attractive – 1 in 5 of whom play down their own accent because they feel self-conscious.

The findings also offered an insight into the types of voices Brits are attracted to – the huskier the better for 2 in 10 (16%)!

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