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He then requires her to tackle most of the attractions, and that she does reluctantly

He then requires her to tackle most of the attractions, and that she does reluctantly

Makarov informs Lucy which he could well be starting Fairy Tail’s pond on public and says to the girl that he is and also make visitors ready yourself attractions. Makarov suggests Lucy Natsu’s destination, Salamander’s Water feature. Lucy won’t try it however, Makarov forced the woman to the boiling liquids. [40] Shortly after Lucy possess went to all web sites, Natsu heads to where she actually is, asking in the event the she would like to enjoys another go on his attraction and that Lucy instantly refuses. [41]

The afternoon of your own Fateful Find [ ]

Note: Considering the dispute of the time within this tale and you may however story, which omake could be considered as Lucy’s fantasy.

Lucy is seen taking into consideration the date she had when Natsu and you may Happy arrive. The 2 need Lucy ahead together with them simply because they has a job. Lucy, who had been questioned of the child she fulfilled before your day for lunch, informs the 2 you to definitely she’s a consultation additionally the several log off, disturb. Mirajane informs Lucy that the two have been probably surprise this lady due to the fact today is actually the girl birthday celebration. However, Lucy claims this was not the woman birthday. Whenever nine o’clock appeared, Natsu and Happy try standing on this new train thinking that Lucy would not arrive. Out of the blue, Lucy happens and you will says to both the job is way more extremely important than simply her conference, she including says to him or her that it is perhaps not the lady birthday. Natsu, yet not, tells the girl it has been precisely 12 months because the she registered the brand new guild. Lucy nearly whines through to hearing that it and you may believes you to their fateful find is strictly 1 year ago whenever she fulfilled Natsu and you may Pleased. [42]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

Everyone in the guild is actually doing the fresh Hanami festival. Lucy, yet not, is not one of them while the she stuck a cool.

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