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25 Lesbian Halloween Costumes To Rock This Current Year

25 Lesbian Halloween Costumes To Rock This Current Year

Its around Halloween, bitches. And Halloween is the most essential nationwide Gay trip following satisfaction. On Gay-O-Ween, all of the fantastic, sparkly queers get to getting a lot more added than they truly are several times a day, which we understand is hella higher. (Today, i will be dressed in a strappy fabric bodysuit and a fur coating inside my work desk.) Halloween is the best time for self-expression, over-the-top-ness, tasty cocktails, and amazing events. And that’s why you’d better TAKE IT together with your lesbian Halloween costume game. Not one with the whole throwing-on-ears-and-calling-yourself-a-cat rubbish will travel here in lesboland. Halloween outfits become an aggressive sport.

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I am thus excited for Halloween and so impatient to wear my personal elaborate, naughty, classy costume outfit that I’m creating a Halloween celebration tomorrow. Halloween is too a long way away, and that I wish to be spooky NOW, damnit. So seize a goblet of blood-red wine, slap on some fishnets, and blast Kim Petras’ Halloween-themed record (it’s amaze!) and let’s enjoy the queerest day of the season with a few queer AF, hot AF, unique AF Halloween costumes.

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