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cuatro Cultural characteristics about Danish people that identify their unusual behaviour

cuatro Cultural characteristics about Danish people that identify their unusual behaviour

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  • 4 Cultural qualities in the Danish people who define their unusual behavior

If you providers with Danes, you will come across cultural traits that are somewhat strange so you’re able to essentially everybody else. The fresh Danes are not likely to get aware of this type of attributes because the social feeling for the Denmark is reasonable. In fact, only 5% from Danes keeps highest social competencies, while you are 66% and you may 30% has actually lowest and average social competencies correspondingly.

cuatro Social characteristics in the Danish people who define its unusual habits

Although not, there is certainly a good reason because of it. Over the years Denmark might have been an enclave where homogeneity has been appreciated. This has been quite common for immigrants so you’re able to assimilate for the Danish society since the an excellent ‘requirement’ having social emergency. Ergo, the new Danes was basically less exposed to most other mindsets than simply really almost every other societies and now have not encountered the possibilities to develop this new competencies wanted to create cultural differences. It has got a few foundational consequences:

  1. Danes don’t have a lot of knowledge of almost every other cultures.
  2. Danes have limited nordics women looking for american husbands attention to exactly how the actions was thought of from the anyone else.

It’s whenever we engage someone else, we become alert to our personal has. Non-Danes might therefore experience achievements when you’re explicit regarding ways you are and exactly how you works after you relate solely to Danes.

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