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Because writer pay and writer treatment is what I care about

Because writer pay and writer treatment is what I care about

I sure hope some of the Guardian writers will check in in future to let us know how it’s going and how they’re treated.

I’m on an equal and level playing field with everyone else with regard to how I am paid

My title has no bearing on how much I get paid. I don’t go around thinking about my title all the time. I didn’t “disclose” my title not because I purposely left it out; but because I was just trying to reply to Danyelle’s comment. Danyelle knows me because I recruited her; therefore, she already knows very well what my title is. She also knows it has no bearing on what I get paid. I am at the mercy of the public just as everyone else who writes with GLV. My title is of no consequence to the discussion Danyelle started. It doesn’t make me make more or less money, nor does it make me any more or less important than each and every writer we have, all of whom have the same opportunity to receive an editor title.

I am a freelance writer. I write for other clients. GLV is one of the clients for whom I write. I also write for numerous independent clients. From GLV I make anywhere between 2,000 (the first month I started) to $4,000 per month for now with an average of about $3,000 per month. That should increase as time goes on due to the fact that I will be receiving unlimited ongoing royalty commissions for all of my articles for as long as I am with the company. I also recruit people under me. I make some income from them as well, which Di leader. We are not “mutli level marketing.

As I recruit more people, my income will also increase from that. This is no different than from any sales organization for which I have worked in the past that pays a commission percentage.

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