How To Hide Your Location On Bumble

How To Hide Your Location On Bumble

Ever since Tinder came out in 2012, Bumble soon appeared in 2014 and the dating world has never been the same. Some adults cant remember the dating sphere without Tinder. For singles in their 20s and 30s, dating apps have been around for most or all of their adult dating lives.

Love them or hate them, these dating apps have changed the landscape forever. Whether its a casual fling or a lifetime thing, apps like Bumble are a major part of the dating world, and if you are serious about finding love, youre going to want a solid presence on these apps.

However, many people have found that the dating culture on apps like Tinder can sometimes be toxic. There are a lot of users who have no idea how to treat other people online, and this factor, combined with traditional dating conventions, has led to a Tinder backlash. One positive response to this backlash was the creation of Bumble, two years after Tinders debut, by one of Tinders co-founders.

Location On Bumble

Location is a key part of how Bumble works. It needs to know where you are so it can provide you with potential matches in your area. If it didnt know where you are, it could potentially show you matches hundreds or thousands of miles away. That wont help you find a date and could put you off using the app.

Does Bumble Show Your Location?

Bumble uses GPS on your device to pinpoint your location, and when disabled, uses information from both your router and your ISP to pinpoint where you are in the world. There is a legitimate safety concern when you give your location away on a dating app.

If you live in a small town or rural area, having a match two miles away could instantly give you away. Depending on who else lives in that town, that could be a good thing, or it might be the opposite.

‘If you turn these features on, when you use your loveandseek price mobile, we will collect information about WiFi access points as well as other location information about your longitude and latitude and may save your devices coordinates to offer certain features to you. This information helps us identify your physical location, and we may use it to personalize the App and make it easier for you to interact with other Users, by enabling the information to be displayed and shared with other members choosing to view “nearby” posts.

Essentially users who want to protect their location privacy may want to forego the app. But, we do have some tips and tricks to help you.

What You Can Do

If youre curious about what you can do to control your location, this section is for you. While you cant necessarily suppress your location you can fix problems youre having or spoof your location.

Check Your Date Time

If your location is wrong, on your mobile device, be sure that your Time and Date are updating properly. Although it may seem completely unrelated, this can cause issues with locations and how your apps work.

Whether youre using an iPhone or Android, open the Settings on your phone and type ‘Date Time into the search bar.

Contact Support

If you want to suppress your location because youre having an issue or something is wrong with the app, there are some options for you as well.

Spoof Your Location

The next option isnt exactly Bumble-approved so tread lightly. If you want Bumble to show your location in another place entirely, and it isnt a glitch; you can always spoof your phones GPS location.

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