HTML5 Videochat application can load in full page mode with advanced interface: chat, camera, user list, room options

HTML5 Videochat application can load in full page mode with advanced interface: chat, camera, user list, room options

HTML5 Videochat app involves specific requirements: HTML5 WebRTC relay streaming for reliability and scalability, SSL and specific configuration on specific streaming server, session control to manage streams and interactions between streaming and web server, ffmpeg with involved video codecs on web host.

Client view in videochat room lobby: Clients can use random videochat feature to quickly move to a different performer room, with the Next button.

Client can request a pay per minute private 2 way video call to provider. Performer can accept or decline and remain in public group chat.

Video Conference / Meeting Mode

Room owner can start Conference Mode by toggling live from Options tab. In conference mode, room owner can split display to 2, 4, 6 slots where he can assign streams from participants in Users tab. When room is in conference mode all participants get a Camera tab to start broadcasting their webcam and microphone. In conference mode, advanced complexity interface (with tabs) is always used to display the advanced features and layout.

Collaboration / Presentation Mode

HTML5 Videochat includes a mode for advanced collaboration and presentations. In addition to conference mode, collaboration includes file sharing and ability to display images and videos in media slots. In collaboration mode, compared to regular videochat, new feature Tabs are available: Users, Files, Presentation in addition to Chat, Camera panels. Performer (teacher, advisor, coach, presenter, moderator) can upload/delete files, display other user cams or images/videos for everybody to see. Registered collaboration participants can also broadcast their camera, upload files. All participants can open files, watch content displayed by moderator (streams, files).

Video Conference HTML5: Split screen in multiple slots to show users that enable their webcams. Room owner (moderator) assigns users to slots and controls what everybody watches.

Dark Mode: dark mode / lights on, each user can toggle interface live at runtime. Rooms in collaboration mode have tabs for advanced features like file sharing.

External Broadcast : OBS, GoCoder, Wirecast, Snap Camera Effects, Zoom Meetings Webinar

Performers can broadcast live video with external RTMP encoders like OBS, GoCoder for iOS/Android, FFsplit, xSplit, vMix, Wirecast, Wirecast Go, Teradek Live:Air Solo, Zoom Meetings Webinars. These can be used to build more advanced streaming compositions like shows with multiple scenes, video conferencing panels, transitions, effects.

Performers can easily copy settings (tap to select all) and configure encoder of choice. With those settings performers can broadcast anytime from encoder, without need to access chat. If also using web based videochat app at same time, broadcast is detected and internal web based webcam broadcasting interface hides. Playback is done with HTML5 HLS (with some added latency specific to HLS delivery method). Great to quickly start broadcasts using phone or professional equipment, applications for advanced scene composition, transitions and effects.

Download Open Broadcster Software desktop application and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux. Provides high performance real time video/audio capturing and mixing. Create scenes made up of multiple sources including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, capture cards and more. Choose from a number of different and customizable transitions for when you switch between your scenes or add your own stinger video files. Set hotkeys for nearly every sort of action, such as switching between scenes, starting/stopping streams or recordings, muting audio sources, push to talk, and more.

The Wowza GoCoder™ app from Wowza Media Systems™ is a live audio and video capture and encoding application for iOS 8 and newer. Use the Wowza GoCoder app to broadcast HD-quality live events on the go from any location to any screen using H.264 adaptive bitrate streaming. Capture and stream live audio and video content in real time over Wi-Fi, 4G, or 3G.

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