Machine learning (ML) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), VR;AR all these influence dating apps evolution as well

Machine learning (ML) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), VR;AR all these influence dating apps evolution as well

Implementing mathematical algorithms that connects people by finding similarities in answers given to a suggested questionnaire is a great strategy. Such algorithms are mostly based on the compatibility percentage of answers given for each question separately or all questions collectively. Some dating apps, like OkCupid determine the compatibility rate in a more complex way taking into account not only your answers but also how you would like someone else to answer and how important this question is for you.

But how to create your own dating app that will be this popular?

More advanced algorithms always come in handy in these situations when people enter inaccurate information about themselves. Algorithms for behavior-based matching are more complicated than any others as they operate with data gathered from outside sources (social networks accounts, profiles, groups they visit, musical playlists, etc.). Generating and analyzing large datasets require significant resources.

To be specific, the particular machine learning technology that powers Netflix and Amazon’s personalized recommendations can be applied to dating apps. Data, available in social networks and other media is being thoroughly analyzed, layered and structured, which allows not only efficient matches but also make predictions. Facial recognition, GPS, and biological data supported by AI are going to boost matching algorithms and connect people in entirely new ways.

Why are dating apps beneficial?

Before you start dating app development, it’s vital to learn about your competitors. Research the most well-known apps on the market, discover their features and user ratings, and testimonials. Once competitor research is done, you’ll see that these apps are very popular since the number of downloads and testimonials can show you. We’ll say that 50% of the job is already done since dating apps have undisputed benefits that make them popular among the other apps. The rest of the job depends on the uniqueness of your application, the marketing aspect, and more. It would be better to list 5 main benefits that let such apps prevail and be popular.

Fast and efficient. It would be folly to deny that apps are much faster than regular websites. Besides that, dating apps provide users with an opportunity to get a quick access to their account when they hit the road, for example. With the help of a dating app, users can simply look for a soulmate wherever they are at the moment. Life becomes more flexible, people can build relationships on the go.

Good for busy people and introverts. Some people literally live at their work. They want to build new relations, they want to love and be loved but they simply have no time to visit different places to meet somebody. That is where dating app comes in. It helps such people always find some time to meet an interesting person. The same concerns introverts – people which don’t have good communication skills. An app can help them fight with this personal fault and find a good interlocutor.

Find a soulmate nearby. The majority of dating apps offers users a geolocation feature that makes it possible to find a person nearby. It means that user will not only meet somebody, but a new friend can also even live on the distance 1 km from him or her. It is a really impressive thing.

No unwanted connections. Not every person wants to receive thousands of messages from strangers and modern dating apps have a small feature in their arsenal. As a rule, in almost all dating apps it is possible to start chatting only when users put likes to each other. It means that when you like photos of man/woman, they need to like you back. So you have a fellow feeling and you need to go on.

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